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Empowering Companies to Enhance Employee Engagement and Cultivate a Conscious Culture, Beyond Traditional Methods


HR Solutions for the Modern Workplace: Boost Retention & Engagement

Is outdated HR impeding your progress? Traditional practices falter in today's fast-paced, remote environment, curbing creativity and disengaging staff.  Upgrade with our human-centric, data-informed solutions, tackling isolation, burnout, and remote management to enhance engagement, trust, and inclusivity.

Transform HR into a strategic force attuned to modern work needs, driving success with an empowered and fulfilled workforce.

Abstract Pathway


Inspired by Company Values but Facing Employee Misalignment?

Dive into how our strategies can help reinforce your company's values across all levels, ensuring every employee feels a strong sense of alignment and purpose, no matter where they are. Learn to bridge the gap between aspiration and reality, creating a cohesive, mission-driven workforce.


Scaling Fast? Your HR Solutions Might Be Falling Behind

Explore scalable HR frameworks that evolve with your company. As you grow, our adaptable solutions keep pace, addressing new challenges and opportunities with flexibility. Discover how to maintain a robust HR foundation that supports rapid expansion and change


Talent Management Fragmented? Discover a Unified HR Approach

Unify your talent management strategy with our comprehensive approach. From recruitment to succession planning, we offer tools that integrate seamlessly into your business operations, ensuring a consistent and holistic HR experience for every employee.

Ready to Infuse Core Values into Your Business Ecosystem?

Embedding your core values into every facet of your business ecosystem is challenging, but our solutions make it achievable. We provide the resources and strategies needed to integrate your values deeply and authentically, fostering a culture of engagement and loyalty.

How it Works

Build Engagement and Align Culture in One Platform 

Experience Our 3-Step Formula

Employee Assessment: 
Our proprietary assessment tools go beyond personality profiling to reveal the core Universal Expressions shaping your team dynamics.

Step 1:


Culture Analytics: 
We utilize our unique methodology to analyze your culture, identifying hidden strengths, communication barriers, and untapped potential.

Step 2:


Intuitive Dashboards: 
We provide clear visualizations and tailored strategies to bridge gaps, optimize collaboration, and unlock your team's full potential.

Step 3:


Boost engagement, productivity, and cut costs while reducing turnover. Our solutions go beyond temporary fixes to transform the drivers of cultural misalignments and disengagements. 

Why OM Life Compass is The Unicorn of Organizational Culture Solutions?

Our All-in-One 'Culture Evolution Toolkit' Delivers Lasting Change



Engage every aspect of the individual

Utilize our self-discovery tool to unearth profound employee motivators, fostering lasting engagement. Employees driven intrinsically exhibit 40% higher commitment levels. Our assessment delves into the mental, emotional, and physical factors shaping motivation within your team. Cultivate intrinsic motivation to nurture a conscious culture aligned with purpose and fulfillment, bolstering talent management within an inclusive company culture.

Substantive Data Insights

Delve deeper than surface-level data

Access actionable employee feedback to unlock meaningful insights for informed decision-making. Our proprietary approach goes beyond conventional methods by blending Eastern philosophy and behavioral science, offering a unique perspective on the modern workforce. This enables us to drive meaningful change based on employee engagement metrics.


The Conscious Culture

Foster alignment between work and purpose

Establish a purpose-driven culture, striking a balance between purpose and profit.Our unique five cultural pillars enable you to gauge purpose effectively. Now, where purpose remains unmeasured, you have the capability. Strengthen talent management and recruitment by cultivating a conscious culture that resonates with the pursuit of meaningful work. This data-driven approach not only enhances employee engagement but also propels success.

The Deeper Path to Sustainable Change

Surpass quick fixes and realize lasting transformation

Conventional change efforts fail at a concerning rate of 50-75% due to various factors: overlooking burnout root causes, reliance on outdated models, shallow cultural understanding, and a focus on linear, results-oriented change that disregards the human element. Our approach stands apart. Through a cyclical methodology and adaptive technology, we empower you to continually evaluate, refine, and enhance your strategies. This ensures your culture evolves into a catalyst for success – agile, resilient, and consistently advancing your strategic objectives.



Data + Insights + Timeless Wisdom for Deeper Human Understanding

Whether you're building your team from the ground up or refining your approach, whether you're establishing a remote work culture or adapting to a hybrid workplace culture, our customizable solutions deliver the insights, and provide cost-effective organizational development to engage your workforce and align with your conscious, purpose-driven, and inclusive company culture.


The latest from OM Life Compass

Got Questions? We've Got Answers

  • What is the OM Life Compass Assessment?
    The OM Life Compass assessment is a powerful tool for both personal and organizational transformation. It's based on the Seven Universal Expressions and enriched by modern psychology. Here's how it benefits individuals and teams: Individuals: Uncover your unique strengths, virtues, potential blind spots, and vices. Learn how to leverage your core innate expressions for personal and professional development. Organizations: Gain a deeper understanding of your employees' deeper motivations, their core values, and behavioral tendencies. This facilitates tailored development strategies, optimized team dynamics, and a more conscious, aligned workplace culture.
  • How is your approach different from personality tests like the MBTI or Enneagram?
    Traditional personality tests can offer valuable insights, but they often focus on classifying individuals into fixed categories. Our approach, based on the Seven Universal Expressions, offers a more dynamic and nuanced understanding of the fundamental influences that shape behavior. Here's how it's different: Focus on Growth: We uncover areas of strength and potential blind spots associated with each expression, emphasizing personal and professional development rather than simple categorization. Situational Awareness: We recognize that individuals express their core influences differently depending on the situation. This promotes flexibility and understanding, rather than rigid categorization. Team Optimization: Understanding how your team members’ core expressions interact leads to more effective collaboration, conflict resolution, and recognition of collective strengths. To learn more about the distinctions between traditional assessments or surveys and OM Life Compass, please click this blog post.
  • How is your archetype assessment different from engagement surveys?
    While engagement surveys offer valuable snapshots of employee sentiment, our assessment uncovers the hidden drivers to deliver transformative insights. Here's how it differs: Depth: Traditional surveys often focus on surface-level satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Our assessment uncovers the core motivations, values, and potential blind spots that drive individual engagement. Personalization: Engagement surveys provide generalized data. Our assessment offers personalized results, empowering individuals to understand their unique strengths, potential pitfalls, and how to channel their core motivations for greater fulfillment. This self-awareness lays the foundation for pivoting potential vices into virtues. Actionability: Surveys often highlight problems without clear solutions. Our assessment provides tailored strategies for both individuals and teams, creating a roadmap for positive cultural change. Ultimately, our assessment offers a comprehensive approach to understanding and driving engagement, empowering you to build a truly thriving workplace culture.
  • Are the assessments confidential and anonymous?
    We prioritize creating a safe and unbiased space for self-discovery. Confidentiality: Yes, your assessment responses and results are strictly confidential. They will be shared with your employer only in aggregated, anonymized formats that protect your individual identity. Anonymity: Your participation in the assessment is completely anonymous. Your name and identifying information are never linked to your responses, ensuring unbiased insights and protecting your privacy.
  • How long does the assessment take and can I take it from any device?
    Our assessment is designed for efficiency and accessibility – it takes around 7 minutes and can be taken from any device, mobile or web-supported.
  • Why is your solution forward-looking?
    Our solution is forward-looking because it addresses the evolving needs of the modern workplace. Here's why: Focus on adaptability: We understand that the only constant is change. Our insights empower individuals and teams to navigate uncertainty and thrive in a dynamic environment. Emphasis on conscious leadership: True leadership requires wisdom, values alignment, and a focus on purpose alongside growth and profitability. Our solution helps leaders cultivate this balance, fostering a resilient culture that attracts and retains top talent. Prioritizes human potential: Technology will continue to disrupt the workplace. Our focus on unlocking human potential ensures your organization's greatest asset – your people – is ready to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead.
  • How quickly can we expect to see results
    While the desire for immediate results is understandable, true organizational transformation requires time and dedication. Our platform is designed for evolving, sustainable impact that goes beyond quick fixes. Here's what you can typically expect: Year 1: Foundational Insights. The first year focuses on understanding your unique organizational culture. This in-depth analysis pinpoints core strengths, potential challenges, and the most effective paths for improvement. Year 2: Actionable Results. As you begin to implement strategies informed by Year 1 insights, you'll start to see positive changes. This could include higher employee engagement, smoother collaboration, or more streamlined processes. Year 3+: Harnessing the Power. The ongoing data collection and analysis fuel continuous, strategic refinement. This empowers you to optimize decision-making and cultivate a culture of continuous improvement. Remember: Every organization's journey is unique, and your specific timeline may vary. However, this framework demonstrates our commitment to supporting a lasting transformation, not just quick fixes.
  • Can you explain your pricing structure and if you offer different packages?
    We understand that every organization has unique needs. That's why we offer a tiered pricing model that scales based on your team size, the scope of your assessment goals, and the level of support you require. Our goal is to create a flexible arrangement tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring you get the maximum value from our platform. Regardless of the tier you choose, our solutions are designed to be more cost-effective than traditional consulting approaches and standalone technology solutions. Would you like to schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and explore pricing options?
  • Does your platform work with small teams and large organizations?
    Absolutely! Our platform is designed to be adaptable and scalable. We successfully support teams of all sizes, across various industries and locations. Let us tailor a solution that fits your organization's unique needs.
  • What are the Seven Universal Expressions, and how do they relate to my team?
    The Seven Universal Expressions stem from a system of Eastern Philosophy originating in the 1800s. They represent fundamental influences that shape an individual's approach to life and work. Understanding these influences within your team can help you: Appreciate Diversity of Approach: Recognize that team members might prioritize different goals like efficiency, collaboration, innovation, or meticulousness. This promotes understanding and prevents mismatched expectations. Optimize Team Dynamics: Leverage the unique strengths individuals with different influences bring to the table. This helps assign roles that resonate and builds more effective workgroups. Develop Growth Mindset: Identify areas where certain influences may be over or under-represented within your team. This helps target development strategies for a more balanced and robust approach to challenges.
  • We've tried other solutions with disappointing results. How is your approach different?
    It's understandable to feel hesitant after past disappointments. Here's why our approach stands out: Beyond Surface Level: Many solutions focus on identifying personality types or surface-level behaviors. We go deeper, uncovering the core motivations and influences driving those behaviors. This leads to more profound and lasting change. Actionable Insights: We don't just provide data – we translate it into tailored strategies for improvement. You'll get specific recommendations on how to leverage your team's strengths, address blind spots, and optimize how your team works together. Focus on Growth: Our tools promote a dynamic understanding of your culture, recognizing that it's always evolving. This approach helps you proactively adapt and avoid the stagnation that can lead to future issues. We're confident in providing a fresh perspective and the insights needed to drive meaningful, lasting results. Would you like to discuss your past experiences and explore how our approach might be different?
  • Our company culture isn't terrible. Why should we consider investing in this?
    Even if your company culture isn't "terrible," that doesn't mean it can't be better. Think of it like fitness: you might be in decent shape, but continuous improvement helps you become stronger, healthier, and more resilient. The same applies to your culture. Investing in understanding your team's dynamics offers these benefits: Stay Ahead of the Curve: The workplace is constantly evolving. Proactively analyzing your culture helps you adapt to changing dynamics and stay competitive. Uncover Hidden Potential: Even in a positive culture, there may be untapped strengths or unnoticed bottlenecks. Our tools illuminate these areas so you can maximize your team's potential. Prevent Future Issues: Small frictions now can lead to bigger problems down the road. Proactive assessment helps address issues early, preventing long-term damage to morale and productivity. In short, investing in culture isn't about fixing problems – it's about unlocking new levels of excellence and ensuring your team is prepared for whatever comes next. Would you like to discuss how tailored insights can help your organization take its culture from good to great?
  • How do you measure success, and what kind of ROI can we expect?
    We believe in measuring success both tangibly and intangibly. Here's what you can expect: Metrics-Driven Insights: We'll track key metrics relevant to your goals, such as employee engagement scores, retention rates, innovation output, or performance indicators. This provides quantifiable evidence of progress. Qualitative Feedback: We'll gather feedback from your team to understand how the insights translate into improved work experiences, communication, and overall morale. Long-Term Impact: While immediate results are important, our true ROI lies in building a resilient, adaptable, and high-performing culture. This leads to: Reduced turnover costs Increased productivity Enhanced ability to attract top talent Improved decision-making and problem-solving The specific ROI will vary based on your organization's size and goals.

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